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Digital Post Australia can change the way you do business!

Digital Post Australia transforms your costly paper communications into a dynamic, online channel that can increase customer engagement and satisfaction while reducing your costs. It’s easy to use, quick to implement and available today.

  • Smarter targeting to your customers.

    With Digital Post Australia, every mail piece your business sends can become a powerful interactive channel, targetable to individual consumers. In essence, every digital postal mail piece becomes a microsite for your business that is transported to the consumer. Customisable footer tiles deliver your important messages and promotions to individual consumers. Plus, detailed reporting provides the ability to track and analyse your business communications in the same way you track your other digital services.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

    Digital postal mail is an interactive way for you to communicate with your customers and can help deliver the information they need most.

    Contextual links in your documents take customers directly to payment gateways, FAQs, live chat-based support, message boards and other features on your site.

    Consumers get a compelling and satisfying experience while your business creates a happier consumer at a significantly lower cost.

  • Faster payments.

    Digital postal mail delivers your important bills more quickly to consumers, resulting in faster payment and revenue retrieval. In addition, integrated reminders and alerts mean your bill won’t be forgotten. Since your payment links can send consumers to your preferred or low-cost payment channel, you save on transaction costs and get your money faster too.

  • Decrease printing and postage costs.

    Digital Post Australia can help you achieve dramatic improvements in your paperless adoption rates and associated savings. On average, less than 20% of consumers have switched to paperless solutions. Consumers choosing to use digital postal mail suppress paper at nearly twice this rate after the first billing cycle, delivering significant savings in postage and printing to your organisation.

  • Our partners.

    At Digital Post Australia we partner with the largest and most trusted mail aggregators in the country. Our partners have decades of experience in the secure digital processing, data handling, storage, management and printing of essential mail.

    Our partners manage the data processing and secure mailing for some of the largest and most security sensitive organisations in Australia including banks, government agencies and superannuation funds. These long-standing and trusted relationships offer pivotal and proprietary capabilities in getting businesses rapidly connected to the Digital Post Australia mailer network and delivering significant volumes of secure digital postal mail to Australian consumers.

If you would like more information about how your organisation can benefit from digital mail, please contact us.

To view Digital Post Australia's Sender Rate Card click the link below:
Digital Post Australia - Standard Rate Card

To view Digital Post Australia's Mail Originator Conditions of Use click the link below:
Digital Post Australia - Conditions of Use

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