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Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions about;

Digital Post Australia and your Digital Postbox
Activating your Digital Postbox
Managing your Digital Postbox

If you already have a Digital Postbox check out the Digital Post Australia Help Centre that is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your Digital Postbox.

Digital Post Australia and your Digital Postbox

  • What is Digital Post Australia?

    Digital Post Australia is a free, online postal system. It delivers important mail online, in one easily managed Digital Postbox, that is available from virtually any web-connected device including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    Digital Post Australia works directly with the companies that send your existing mail such as power companies, banks, share registries and other key service providers. However, instead of sending you a physical document, we simply deliver an electronic version to your Digital Postbox.

    Your Digital Postbox allows you to view your mail, set reminders, pay bills, print copies, organise and archive your mail and other important documents.

  • Will my Digital Postbox cost me anything?

    It’s free! There is no cost for consumers to receive mail via Digital Post Australia. The mailers pay a digital delivery fee (similar to a stamp for physical mail) that is significantly less than the cost of printing and delivering a physical mail piece.

  • Does delivery of my existing mail change?

    Once accepted, you will receive all future mailings as digital mail. If you decide later to change your mind, you can reinstate your paper delivery under “My Settings” in your Digital Postbox.

  • Who can send mail to my Digital Postbox?

    Digital Post Australia is a safe and secure system of verified mailers. Only authorised businesses and government entities can send you mail.

    This means that your Digital Postbox is free of spam, malware and other nasties.

    Digital Post Australia works directly with the companies that send your important mail, so you can trust that your provider sent the important mail that arrives in your Digital Postbox.

  • How is Digital Postbox different from my email account?

    Your Digital Postbox is a secure digital communications channel where all mail senders are authorised and all consumers are verified. The only mail you will receive in your digital postbox will come from these authorised senders. This level of security makes it completely safe to digitally deliver sensitive information like bills, financial statements and important documents.

    Email however, is not secure because anyone with your email address can send you mail anonymously and without permission.

    Your Digital Postbox is also smart - once you have registered with us, your mail will automatically find its way to your Digital Postbox. No need to notify each organisation of any new contact details.

  • Is registering for a Digital Postbox safe?

    Yes! Your Digital Postbox and its contents are all protected using sophisticated encryption and bank-level security. Digital Post Australia has rigorous controls and safety measures in place to secure your important data.

    Digital Post Australia also takes your privacy very seriously and will keep your personal information secure - for more information check out our Privacy Policy.

  • Which businesses can I receive mail from?

    Many of Australia's largest companies are already sending mail through Digital Post Australia and more are coming on board all the time. You don't need to notify any of these organisations of your preference to receive your mail in your Digital Post box - if it's available, it will be delivered to you!

Activating your Digital Postbox

  • How do I sign up?

    Just like your physical letterbox, Digital Post Australia uses your name and address to automatically find and deliver any piece of digital mail that is available for you. So first, we ask you to give us your name and street address. DON’T WORRY! We will only use this information to find and deliver your mail and it will never be sold to a third party.

    Once you have signed up, Digital Post Australia will send a verification code to your household letterbox. Upon receipt, enter your verification code online and your secure Digital Postbox will automatically begin receiving your available digital postal mail
    - no additional work is required!

  • What is a verification code and how is it used?

    A verification code is used as a security measure to verify that you have access to the mailbox at the address you provide when you register.

    We will mail you a verification code, via regular post, when you choose to verify your address, which should arrive within 3 - 5 business days.

    Entering your verification code activates your Digital Postbox and allows you to begin receiving your digital postal mail.

  • Will I get mail in my Digital Postbox right away?

    Once your Digital Postbox is verified it will automatically begin receiving any mail that is available for you. If you don't have mail delivered right away, there’s no need to worry; you'll conveniently receive notifications when your mail arrives.

  • Can I register a PO Box as my Digital Postbox?

    Yes! You can easily register your existing postal address whether it is a PO Box, RMB or a home address.

Managing your Digital Postbox

  • How do I retrieve my lost/forgotten password or username?

    Username retrieval
    Please contact Digital Post Australia Customer Service Team via support@digitalpost.com.au, and they will help you access your Digital Postbox.

    Password retrieval
    If you know the username for your account, you may reset the password on your account at https://www.digitalpost.com.au/forgotPassword.

  • Can I pay a bill via Digital Post Australia?

    Yes! Digital Post Australia enables you to pay bills online by connecting you directly to the mailer, or to your bank’s website.

  • Can I store other mail and additional documents in my Digital Postbox?

    Yes! You can easily upload many types of document from your computer to your
    Digital Postbox. This includes document scans, receipts and other important digital files.

  • Can I get a hard copy of the documents in my Digital Postbox?

    Absolutely! Any document in your Digital Postbox can be easily retrieved and printed. Visit Digital Post Australia Help Centre for directions on printing your digital mail.

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    Anita, Cairns.

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    Brad, Hurstville.

  • “I get my music and my movies online... it's about time my mail finally caught up!”.

    Marty, Oyster Bay.

  • “I just have to remember one password and I've got all my important mail right there in front of me... too easy”.

    Christie, South Yarra.

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