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How It Works

Think of Digital Post Australia as a completely digital postal system – no paper,
no trucks and no snails!

Getting Started

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For security purposes we
mail a verification code to
your postal address.
This confirms you have access
to the mail at that location.

Enter your code online to complete
your security verification.

That's it!Sit back, relax and enjoy smarter mail.

Activate your
Digital Postbox today.

Easy. Secure. Free.

  • “Our never-ending pile of mail on the bench has disappeared”.

    Anita, Cairns.

  • “In this day and age it's about time the mail was this easy”.

    Brad, Hurstville.

  • “I get my music and my movies online... it's about time my mail finally caught up!”.

    Marty, Oyster Bay.

  • “I just have to remember one password and I've got all my important mail right there in front of me... too easy”.

    Christie, South Yarra.

How Your Mail Finds You

A verified name and address is all we need
to get your mail to your Digital Postbox.

Then, with your approval, your mailers flick a
switch and begin sending your mail the new,
fast, secure, Digital Post Australia way!

Mail Made Simple

Smarter mail means:

Automatic delivery, organisation and storage Convenient bill payment Easy search and retrieval Simply vote proxies, submit forms and more!

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