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Digital Post is revolutionising the way people around the world receive their mail!

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Now you can receive your important mail in a secure Digital Postbox. Digital Post Australia delivers your mail digitally, instead of on paper and makes it available in one central, secure, online location. A web connection is all you need to access your important mail from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Best of all, your Digital Postbox is secure and free of spam or fraudulent messages.

Convenient. Mobile. Secure. Free.

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Digital Postbox today.

Easy. Secure. Free.

  • “Our never-ending pile of mail on the bench has disappeared”.

    Anita, Cairns.

  • “In this day and age it's about time the mail was this easy”.

    Brad, Hurstville.

  • “I get my music and my movies online... it's about time my mail finally caught up!”.

    Marty, Oyster Bay.

  • “I just have to remember one password and I've got all my important mail right there in front of me... too easy”.

    Christie, South Yarra.

A Global Phenomenon

Most of our important transactions happen digitally. From the purchase of music and books to shopping and banking, the Internet has been making our everyday interactions faster and more convenient.

Across the globe, postal mail is also moving online. Countries around the world have been enjoying the convenience of receiving and accessing their mail on-the-go as digital mail.

Digital Post Australia is bringing this revolutionary service to Australia, offering the most up-to-date, smart featured digital postal service yet.

Countries with Digital Posts

Now it’s Australia’s turn
to experience smarter mail!

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